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22. February 2016 Site updates 0

Hey guys.

It’s been a while since I got to update on the latest news, I know. The reason is, since December, I ran into a lot of troubles and challenges with the website, that made me focus more on keeping the site stable over updating it with errors going on.
When I got the christmas theme back from getting coded, it arrived with coding mistakes that messed up wordpress and for january I had a new theme ready, but sadly the designer who was supposed to code it for me, became unable to do so! 🙁 So, I’m currently sitting here, working on the next design after this one, just looking around for a designer that codes wordpress themes, while I am trying to get rid of all the mess in wordpress.

So, my current focus is to find another designer to take over the coding of either the new theme or the next design, and while waiting for it to return fully coded, will I get some help to fix all the errors. And if your thinking that I should just put on a previous theme – I already did and found out that it only made the problem worse 🙁 And this standard theme is the best solution while fixing issues.

I’m very sorry, but you know me. I will always be back and try to catch up on everything 🙂 Who knows, maybe within this week I have a new design ready and fixed all the bugs? Or maybe next week/next month? No one knows, but hopefully you all know that I’m doing my best 🙂

Thanks for understanding. <3

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